Hi! My name is Bart. I decided to be developer. My proficiency is graphic design. I have master`s degree in Computer Science of Lodz University of Technology. Specialization Computer Graphic and Multimedia and Computer Science Engineer of AHE in Lodz. In november I started 8 months Java Basic Course with SDA Academy. I want to […]

I was searching what experienced devs are saying how to learn programing? Most of them I think 90% are convinced that best practice is to write code. Every time they says like mantra. Write code write code write code. So I am doing it. I am writing code. In my last post I write about […]

I love to learn with this site – CodeWars!I was learning today with this kata https://www.codewars.com/kata/automorphic-number-special-numbers-series-number-6/java In short You have to check if square of number is automorphic or not! For example: 25 squared is 625 , Ends with the same number’s digits which are 25 . – its automorphic. 13 squared is 169 , […]